Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For Sale: 52CM Custom Schwinn Paramount Team Bike frame and fork circa 1976

     This is a pretty unique Schwinn Paramount. It is a custom built team bike from about 1976. It has some not so traditional features that were specified for by the rider. It is built with Shimano GT rear drop outs and Campagnolo fork tips. It has a different lug set than the Nervex Pro which was widely used at this time. It also takes a 26.6 size seat post. The head badge holes are drilled a bit crooked and are too widely spaced for a Paramount badge. I am not 100% sure but I believe this frame is built with Reynolds 753 tubing as this was when the tube set was being introduced. Also, we have the build sheet for the P-14 track bike (which we also own) and it specifies "experimental Reynolds 531 special tubing". Both bikes were built at the same time according to the original owner. The measurements are as follows:
  • 52 CM seat tube CTC
  • 57 CM top tube CTC
  • 30" stand over height (no air in tires)
      It comes with a Shimano BB, English thread and a Specialized head set, both assemblies are very smooth but could use an over haul for good measure. 126mm rear spacing. It has braze ons for the rear brake cable and a housing stop for the rear derailleur. The frame retains the original silver mist paint and original decals. A couple nicks in the finish, but overall great condition. Chrome plating is in great shape, small area of peppering on the fork crown. The term "one of a kind" gets thrown around a lot when it comes to bikes, but this is an example that genuinely is. Cost is $650.00 plus shipping and handling which will be calculated depending on location. Local pick up is fine as well. please contact me at: with any questions. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Sale: colorized photo reproduction of Ignaz Schwinn

This is colorized reproduction (print) photo of Ignaz Schwinn in his golden years.  Professionally done, this photo is from the 50 years of Schwinn built Bicycles book, which was published in 1945. Not sure if this print was a dealer item or not, still pretty old and very cool. Photo itself is 8 1/2" X 6 1/4". Overall size is 13" X 11 1/2". the photo is matted. There are two marks on the matte (see photos) and the matte itself is a bit yellowed from age, not bad though. Pretty rare item. Cost is $100.00 plus S/H.
Email at: for invoicing or with any questions.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

For Sale: NOS Cinelli steel #14 Pista bars!

Offered for sale is a pair of NOS (new old stock) never been on a bike Cinelli steel #14 pista handle bars! Chrome is pristine,  crest logos are perfect, it doesn't get any nicer than these! They are 25.4 clamp diameter and are 38CM wide (CTC). These are show quality and would be perfect for your period track / pista project.
                                                         Cost is $600.00 plus S/H
                                                  Email with any questions, thanks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

For Sale: 1897 'ish Sterling Shaft Drive bike

     Offered for sale today is an 1897' ish Sterling shaft drive bicycle. Sterling was an American company based out of Chicago , IL from about 1894 and then moved to Kenosha, WI around 1898. The factory in Kenosha was sold around the turn of the century and became one of the first automobile factories. Sterling won a silver medal at the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition in 1898 for their chainless bicycles and safeties. This company was part of the bike boom at the end of the century, competing with many others for customers and innovation. The head badge on this bike has the last patent date of 1897, so that gives me an idea of production era.
     It features the rare Kelly bars, with newer wooden grips. The frame has been re painted some time ago a nice opaque "grass" green. If you look at the seat cluster area, you can see where some paint has fallen away, revealing some crustiness beneath. I do not know if that is an indication of what the rest of the bike looks like underneath the paint. The bevel gear cover is also cracked in on spot (see photo). The rear drive side hub flange also has a crack where one of the spoke heads sit (see photo). nice long spring saddle with suspension seat post. Incorrect Westwood type rims have also been painted with yellow pin striping. also included will be a pair of Torrington star pedals. It has coasting pegs on the fork blades. The hub flanges use straight pull type spokes, very cool and somewhat common at this time.
     The chainless type bikes employed a bevel gear system, as opposed to a typical block or roller chain. I have seen photos of Major Taylor on these type of bikes. Bikes of this style are increasingly rare, don't miss out on the opportunity to add to your collection!
                                       email at: for price.