Friday, April 20, 2007

First post is mainly pictures

These are just a couple pictures on the computer of some things we have around the shop.

It is my first post and I hope to add valuable information up here in the future.

But for now, look at the pretty pictures and ask any questions you may have.

First photo is of a 1959 Ephgrave.

Second is a Schwinn Paramount display.

Third is an assortment of hubs, from Maxicar to Campagnolo to Zeus and others.

Final picture is of a pile of Campagnolo cranks.

My boss is away today at the Copake Swap meet and Auction, and tomorrow I take off work to do a 300k brevette, for the second, out of four, qualifying rides for Paris-Brest-Paris. It will be fun. I am riding a 1968 Jack Taylor that I received as a gift from my boss. I will photograph it soon, with a description.

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Vladimir said...

Interesting color yellow frame. I will paint your frame soon and would like to do something similar. Only I will be gray and black colors.