Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forgotten Daniel Rebour drawings

At the Milan Exhibition, drawings of Daniel Rebour
Oh, what a life I live. Not to sound like an arrogant bike collector, but I somehow forgot that I had these Daniel Rebour drawings. I bought them a couple years ago and they had been sitting in a folder upstairs in my office, along with other paper that I want to get framed- including original MC5, Stooges, Hellacopters, Sonic's Rendezvous Band,etc Posters. Just with other art. I found them last week and that prompted me to want to get the "World of Daniel Rebour" books that were published a long time ago and are out of print. Jitensha Studio offers some rare Japanese published books- like the Rene Herse book, and the book on Toei bicycles- and they also list Volume 3 & 4 of the world of Rebour. The website prices were not accurate, the price was more than listed, but I wanted the books bad enough that the increase in price did not matter. If you are interested in the books, they are all awesome additions to any library. (and if you do order, tell them Joel from Philadelphia referred you to them!)

Also, if you have Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 I will pay you good money for them, or I have many items I could trade for them. please email if you have any leads.

If you are a little less extravagant than I am, you can purchase from Velo Retro a photocopy of Vol.1 of the World of Daniel Rebour. I am a book collector, so I want the original printing.

Rebour note above is cool as I believe it is in his handwriting. I have written about Rebour before, but as long as I keep looking at cool vintage bicycle parts, his name will continue to be mentioned.

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