Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Raleigh Blue Streak for Sale

Raleigh Blue Streak
55cm center to center seattube.
55 center to center toptube.
it was a short lived model from the early 1960s.
Missing the characteristic "Electric Blue"(translucent blue) celluloid fenders.
Cyclo Derailleurs front and rear.
Cotter cranks, steel rims.
Brooks b-15 saddle.
GB Brakes and levers.
The finish of the paint and decals are excellent. The chrome has to be cleaned up.

some history-
" "In 1960 Raleigh brought out the five or ten-speed Blue Streak to push sales in the teenage sports enthusiast sector. Complete with twin bar mounted bottles it certainly was popular!"

"It took the name from the UK Government ballistic missile project that started development in 1954. Blue Streak was part of the British effort to become the third World power in the Cold War arms race. It was a vain attempt to construct a missile that could head East without resorting to buying Thor / Atlas missiles off-the-shelf. Interestingly 6 years and £60m later it was abandoned - the same year that Raleigh launched their own project "Blue Streak" (but at least it crossed continents.)" -
Bob Reid
on Classic Rendezvous website

From Retro Raleigh Website.-(click on for larger image)


Anonymous said...

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Stewart said...

The Blue Streak was my boyhood dream,I would have given anything to have one.Today I ride a Trek Madone with all the bells and whistles(actually it does not have a bell).I live in NZ now so chances of finding a Blue Streak here would be zero.

Anonymous said...

I have the opportunity to buy a Raleigh Blue Streak that is in rough but restorable condition. It is missing the original handlebars, stem, brakes, and brake levers. Obviously, the tires and tubes will need replacing. Does anyone have any idea what a fair price would be for this bicycle?