Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Team Schwinn Paramount track bike

 With it business slowing down this winter, we have a chance to clean up and photograph some of our bikes we have up stairs. Here is a Team Schwinn track bike. Outfitted with lightened Campagnolo hubs laced to Schwinn Approved rims. Titan chrome steel stem and handlebars. Unicanitor track saddle. Still has the original Clement Seta track tires, but they are not holding air.

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cdostale said...

The hubs aren't " lightened " - Schwinn offered what they called heavy-duty spokes as an option on Paramounts. If they laced the HD spokes, they used the larger holes in the hubs, if they laced the double-butted spokes, they used the smaller holes. In the late 70's all the Paramounts we got in ( even my sprint-frame 'ramo ) came with high flange hubs drilled like that. I can't remember if low flange hubs were an option.