Thursday, March 22, 2012

For Sale- Gitane Traveler bike with bag, NOS

interesting Gitane Traveler bike. 
58cm center to center seattube.
new old stock, never built up.
from the 1970s.
Tires will need to be replaced as they are dried out.


Hal said...

Very cool. What kind of stem is that?

bikeville said...

it is one made specially for this bike. The British used a similar stem in the 1930-40s and they referred to it as a 'swan' stem.

Hal said...

Looks similar to the "gooseneck" stems Charlie Cunningham used. The dropouts are very cool, too.

lofter said...

I like the blue gitane bag

evananda said...

If it is not sold, I will buy it. Had one when it was new, loved it.