Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catalogs- a very valuable resource

these catalogs are from the 1890s-1900. Esoteric Wheelmen era information but at the same time, very interestng illustrations and unique parts.
Gormully and Jeffery, Tribune Bicycles, Columbia made by Pope Manufacturing,  Stearns bicycles, Hoffman(later became Huffy), Packer bicycles, and White Sewing Machine Bicycle


Anonymous said...

Seems like a very valuable cache of bicycle ephemera.
The graphics on some of these even in the small pic are beautiful.
The black and yellow block-style print seems to be part of that 'Arts and Crafts' movement from that era.
Would be great if you might expand on this post, maybe run some enlargments of the more artistic ones!

bikeville said...

yes, I would agree to expand on it, if only I had more time, summer is a busy time, as evident from my erratic blog posts.
I will try to develop a more articulate post on this subject in the future.