Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saint Christopher medallion

     I found this item on a bike we recently acquired. It is a Saint Christopher's medallion. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of cyclists, he protects travelers. Some say he is not a real saint and only a superstition. I guess it depends who you ask and what you believe. These were popular in some European cultures, mostly in areas in and around Northern Ireland. His image is commonly found on bells. These medallions are a bit more scarce. These were popular in the 1930'3-1950's. The local priest would hold a "blessing of the bikes", the medallions were made for the occasion. The medallion would be attached to the seat tube via an adjustable strap, and the bikes and their journeys would then be protected. This one is a bit newer I believe because it does not have quite the patina of the older ones I have seen. Still a pretty cool item. I will take all the help I can get when it comes to staying safe out on the road.


JimSchu said...
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JimSchu said...

Link to photo of a Northern Ireland bike blessing

bikeville said...

JimSchu, Thanks for the phhoto!