Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hill Cycle tattoo

     Well, I am back upstairs in the office now that our season is winding down on the ground floor. Sorry for the lack of posts over the summer time, but I was way too busy fixing bikes all summer! I was going through my phone and found a bunch of photos I forgot about from earlier in the season.
     Jerry Casale Jr. paid the shop a visit over the summer and showed me the commemorative tattoo he had gotten in honor of his father, Jerry Casale Sr. The Casale family owned Hill Cycle for several generations and had a huge impact on the Philadelphia cycling community and American racing. They started the Keystone open which became the Corestates race and is now the Sugar Hill cycling classic. it was one of the top American road races and still draws massive crowds to this day and is a part of most Philadelphians late spring conciousness.

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