Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ridiculous bikes I saw doing PBP

My since of ridiculous is probably different than other people's, but here are some bikes I would not want to ride 750+ miles on, in a row.

tandem made from 2 inexpensive department store mountain bikes.

90%+ of the bikes were off the rack road racing bikes, with skinny tires, no real lights, or mudguards.

Sure this is a nice Colnago, but the rack is made of metal, sticks, and tape. really, there is branches from a tree. plus no toeclips.fairly aggressive gearing. She finished, but past the cutoff.

Colnago c-40, with seatpost mounted rack. really.

she finished ahead of me on this. . .

of course.

and as cool as this single tube pneumatic is, it didn't look all that comfortable.

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