Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Hanford during PBP

(photo taken during PBP, I was taking pictures ala Peter Weigle)

My Hanford rode perfectly. The only mechanical issue was a puncture(slow leak) that happened on the way back from Brest to Carhaix. I was able to pump it up to pressure and ride it to the controle to change the tube there. I remember marveling to myself how the bike just became part of me, as it was never an issue. It was a delight to ride and ascended as well as it descended.
One note was how many bikes participating in PBP did not have fenders and how I appreciated the full fenders during the rainfall and after the rainfall.


Neil said...

In designing the Hanford, what was the thinking behind the stem angle? Was it to keep the frame compact for travel?

Why not up the seat tube and head tube while decreasing post exposure and standover clearance in order to use a flatter stem?

Just curious... either way the bike looks great.

bikeville said...

the stem pictured is just a temporary one as I am waiting to have one built. It has been an evolutionary upward turn, as my previous bikes had lower conventional looking stems. Over the past year, I have found myself raising it up. I am not sure yet where it will end up, but I do know my position on PBP was very comfortable with no aches or pains.
and I do prefer a slightly smaller frame over a larger one.