Friday, September 16, 2011

Pbp performance?

I was looking around on the internet this morning and stumbled upon this posting on . I thought it was funny that the time it took for me to finish riding 750+ miles was brought up, when I posted pictures of some bicycles I thought of as ridiculous for riding a comfortable Paris Brest Paris. At no time during the ride did I think I was not going to finish the ride in the allotted time. I took hundreds of pictures and would stop and take corny scenic pictures with my bike. I even stopped and ate frittes at some random village party outside of Loudeac, that ended with Karaoke and I saw a drunken fist fight. This ride was anything but a race for me, and a lot of other riders I knew riding it. And sure, many were riding the exact bikes I thought were ridiculous, but we all had one goal, finish the ride comfortably. I knew I had another week in France and I did not want to be hobbling around or laid up in my apartment. I finished the ride Thursday and by Friday morning I was completely recovered physically, and even went for a very nice bike ride that Sunday in Bordeaux.

So, for people to look at my time and say it was close to the cutoff, they should know that my last day was filled with casual riding, meeting a like minded Italian rider named Fabio, and lots of pictures and video taking. Oh, and a wrong turn. And would I do PBP again? yes, and maybe slower!


Toast Ghost said...

haters gonna hate, fudge brother. that's the price of being a champ.

Anonymous said...

you've gotta hand it to whoever titled the thread, i had a good laugh..

bikeville said...

i'm not good at titling things, or writing, but I can post pictures... sometimes.