Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Chrome bicycle, just wheeled right into the shop

So it probably seems like I have a chrome bicycle obsession, well I think I do. The other day I was working at the shop, and went up front to spot this chrome Schwinn in the shop for some minor repairs. Outfitted with a Brooks B-72, leather sewn grips(probably Velo Orange), and even a set of Mel Pinto panniers.

This nice looking bike could be part of my posse anyday of the week.


Yann G.S. said...

if i had known of mel pinto imports before i could have bought these
instead of the velocity rims...

bikeville said...

those are sewup rims, by the way, so I don't think you would have wanted them. The ownership recently changed with Mel Pinto, now under Wayne Bingham, or Classic Rendezvous Cirque fame in Virgina.