Monday, October 24, 2011

1950s Bianchi Sport city bicycle

Beautiful pair of Bianchi Sport city bicycles we recently sold. They were equipped with Bianchi proprietary headset, Sturmey Acher 3 speed hubs, and full chaincases.

Bianchi stamped headclip stem.
I love these brake levers. Notice the Schwinn copy grips.

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usarnie1 said...

Those 2 Bianchi 3 speed bicycles are rare bicycles and more than pristine! If yours are like mine, they should both have the early Sturmey Archer SW 3 speed hubs. As far as I know, Bianchi did not export their 3 speeds bikes to the USA prior to 1960. My 1958 Bianchi Sport was purchased and shipped to the USA, by the original owner. I believe, I am the 3rd owner of my Bianchi Sport bike.