Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bicycle Posters, Art, and cycling maps for sale

All original, in excellent condition. Beautiful works of art.
 *1975 Peugeot Tour De France poster with Bernard Thevent. excellent. 25"x33 Framed. $225
 *Early Raleigh Poster with buxom woman. excellent. 31 1/2" x 41" framed, large. probably dates from 1930s-1940s.  at the bottom "J Howitt & Sons, LTD. Nottm" "Printed in England, AD414" $750

 *Cyclist road map of Philadelphia district. 26 1/2"x33". excellent. dated 1899. mounted on board. $250
 *Early Raleigh poster. 30 1/2" x 41" framed. excellent. probably dates from 1930s-1940s. $750

 *Les Sports 1954 Tour de France poster. 22"x30", mounted on board(not glued). Bobet won that year. $225

*Barthelemew's Cyclist Touring Map of England and Wales. 27"x33", mounted, not framed. pre-1900. $200

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