Monday, October 17, 2011

Bianchi City bicycle

I'm trying to be better about cataloging some of the amazing bikes we have in our collection. It is a rather daunting task as we have quite a few, and some are not all that accessible. It is hard to sell a bicycle if no one knows we have it.
Here is a Bianchi city bicycle. It has integrated handlebars, stem, brake levers and is set up with a Simplex Champione du monde rear derailleur. I have not checked the 'Bianchi' stamped FB hubs for a date code but I believe it is post war.  At this time, Bianchi, as many bicycle manufacturers would stamp all the components with the name of their company on it. The saddle, hubs, cranks, pedal blocks and even the aluminum 700c clincher rims are stamped 'Bianchi,' even though none of these components were made in house at the Bianchi factory.
This bicycle is original except for the tires and maybe the grips, they look too new.

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