Monday, February 9, 2009

another bicycle swapmeet

I am not good at taking photographs at bicycle swap meets as I am too busy shopping and talking it up to many of the sellers and fellow bicycle collectors. It is a fault of mine that I like to buy super awesome stuff and then offer it to waiting recipients at home. Sometime fellow collectors joke how I buy all the cool stuff and leave nothing for them but I do not haggle or complain about price, I either accept it or walk away. If the seller wants to deal, I then deal, but I am not out to rob people, I want both parties to feel like we got a deal, and everyone is happy.

Some swap meets are better than other for us. We turned up a few odds and ends- a
Lytaloy cottered aluminum crankset, set of early Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake calipers, and early 1980s Jack Taylor road bike, but over all, nothing that I was super stoked about. I mean to say, all the parts were super awesome finds and will find great homes(some already have) but I guess I always hope for more, superer-coolerer stuff. But in the end, it was an great day chatting it up with fellow collecters, fellow Classic Rendezvous-ers, and looking at interesting bits and bobs.

The photos are some of the cool items for sale, some awesome deals, and some rare parts for sure. Some items seen in the pictures are -
Harden "Bacon Slicer" hubs
Airlite track hubs
Campagnolo track hubs
box full of various track cogs
Cinelli steel track bars & stem

an array of Pantographed Cinelli stems,-Colnago, Merckx, Motta, De Rosa, etc.
Cinelli with full Super Record

and that is all i got to photograph!!

Use your imagination on what you didn't see!


Anonymous said...

did you happen to purchase any of those cinelli stamped quill stems? if you have any i would love to become an owner.

bikeville said...

here is the seller her- he is auctioning them on Ebay -

or here-