Friday, February 20, 2009

Louison Bobet 650b bicycle

Louison Bobet was a very famous French racer, best known for his 3 consecutive Tour du France victories. He raced for the French bicycle manufacturer, Stella for many years. He was forced into retirement after a car accident.

This bike is mid-level 1960s touring bike. Fr0m a distance, it looks like a typical French touring bike complete with racks, fenders, lights and even Guidonnet brake levers. But upon closer inspection, one notices heavy steel rims, cottered steel cranks, and 2nd tier components. That is not to mention the lax attention detail on on the frame and lug treatment.

The bike was outfitted with Huret Allvit derailleurs, with a 600 front derailleur. The brakes are CLB cantilevers and CLB guidonnet brake levers for top of handlebar braking position. The bicycle also has a set of racks with a cool protector around the headlight.

I guess this bike would be an entry lever touring bike. This bike is what collectors would call "barn fresh," it is in the same state it has been in for a really long time, taking the date from the tag hanging on it, since 1983, over 25 years untouched. There is much to be upgraded on it to make it a more reliable and lightweight bike but might make a good rider. More information on Louison Bobet bike here on Classic Rendezvous.

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Toast Ghost said...

"barn fresh," i'll have to start using that one. the lugs do look pretty dismal, although i like that light protector.