Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1952 Legnano Catalog

1952 Legnano catalog. this was the first production year for the Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs. They had appeared on race bikes the year before, but first time being offered on a bike a consumer could buy- a catalog bike. kind of neat. colorful catalog of10 pages, offering 16 models of bikes. we are currently selling this on ebay- HERE

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

late 1970s Fuji track bike

Appears to be mostly original, not the tires and maybe not the pedals.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ladies Prewar Schwinn Paramount

Last year I received this original Schwinn ink drawing for the ladies Schwinn Paramount. It was done as an illustration from the Schwinn catalog. Finding original artwork that was done for catalogs is getting harder and harder to find, many lost to rubbage piles or forgotten by collectors vast portfolios. I have not done the research yet to find who the artist was, but the art is exquisite.

Daniel Rebour is often seen as the old master of vintage lightweight drawings. He was a technical draughtsmen from the mid 1940s until the mid1970s, churning out beautiful drawings detailing all the latest innovations and creative solutions to advancing cycling.
-the Data Book(full of illustrations, a lot of them are Rebour drawings)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Six Day Race Programs

Six day race memorabilia is a small niche section of the vintage lightweight bicycle collectors world. As I have stated in previous blog posting, it is an often ignored or missing much critical study, minus a few exceptions. This race programs exemplify the popularity of the racing in it's heyday- packing Madison Square Garden for spectators to watch Jimmy Walthour Jr., Alfred Goullet, and Alfred LeTourneur.

Here are a couple sources online about 6 day racing, the programs are from our private collection. The have such vivid graphics and look awesome.

-Wikipedia entry on six day racing
-The Jazz Age website(about 6 day racing movie and book)
-6day racing in Canada

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