Sunday, December 29, 2013

1896 Cycler’s Guide and Road Book of California

1896 Cycler’s Guide and Road Book of California. It has great advertisements, and I can only imagine what the roads labelled 'poor' condition were like, as even the best roads at that time were not paved. The roads of the late 19th Century were gravel or dirt roads.

“I often hear now-a-days, the automobile instigated good roads; that the automobile is the parent of good roads. Well, the truth is, the bicycle is the father of the good roads movement in this country.” -Horatio Earle, founder of American Road and Transportation Builders Association and  a former chief consul of the League of American Wheelmen. Earle became known as “the father of good roads” for his work on America’s highways, work he started when he was a cyclist.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

For Sale: 58CM Zeus chrome road bike

For Sale: 58CM Zeus chrome road bike.
      58 CM center to center seat tube
57 CM center to center top tube.
33" stand over height.
Zeus criterium rear derailleur
Alfa front derailleur
Super Alfa 71 brakeset
Zeus brake levers
Alfa hubset 36 hole.

Zeus seat post
Zeus crank set 
Zeus bottom bracket
Zeus brake cable clips.
Zeus pump umbrella.
Unknown headset, steel, feels good.
Unknown tubular (glue type) rims.
Tubular tires need to be replaced,but they give a good indication as to how long bike has gone un- ridden.
Zeus QR skewers with Zeus covers.
Old logo (oval) cinelli stem 100mm 26.0 clamp.
Unknown bars with "GEE" hand engraved on both sides. 38CM wide.
"CHICO GEE" decal on down tube.
I assume this was the owners name?
Zeus drop outs.
Nice cinelli style sloping fork crowm.
I am not sure if the fork crown is Zeus, there is no stamp on it anywhere. It looks like one though.
Zeus 2000 6 speed freewheel
Regina SC chain.
Suntour bar-con shifters and suntour cable stop.
Rampar tubular tire holder.
Notario? road pedals with Christophe toe clips large size.
Unknown suede saddle in poor shape, unicanitior maybe, no stamp.
Chrome is in really good shape.
This bike will clean up beautifully.
Price is: $900.00
Shipping and handling to be calculated depending on where you are located.
Please email at: with any  questions!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rome Mayor learned about bicycle commuting in Philly

Here is a pretty cool article on about how Ignazio Marino, current mayor of Rome, Italy made some drastic changes to city streets regarding a more cycling friendly environment. Oh yeah, he is also a customer of ours and credits Philadelphia and the bike we sold him as starting him down that path of seeing cycling as a viable alternative form of transportation!

"Philadelphia," he explained, "taught me how to go around a city without a car."
Even though Marino spent his formative years in cities whose narrow streets encourage walking - Genoa as a child, Rome for medical school - he said it wasn't until he moved to Philadelphia in 2003 that he lived in a city without owning a car.
At the urging of his daughter, the family sold its car. To get around, Marino picked up a used Schwinn at Via Bicycle on Ninth Street. He soon became a distinctive sight in Philadelphia, whizzing around on his red bike in his green hospital scrubs.

Ignazio Marino rides his bike through Rome. Marino is a former transplant surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. In Philadelphia, he and his family learned to do without owning a car.
photo by (GUIDO SCHWARZ)

Thursday, December 19, 2013


55 CM center to center seat tube.
57 CM center to center top tube.
32" standover height.
Wheels are 700 C with NISI "toro" clincher rims laced to OLYMPIA stamped hubs. Not  sure of manufacturer.
Campagnolo Valentino "extra" rear derailleur.
Campagnolo Valentino matchbox style front derailleur.
Really cool italian city type bars with brazed on brake levers, much like Frejus or Bianchi did.
Ofmega steel headset.
Front light bracket is stamped OLYMPIA as well as cranks,hubs, saddle.
Chainguard is formed to accommodate the front derailleur.
Lots of neat details all over this bike!
Hand cuff style rear lock (with key).
Rear rack with the italian flag colors.
Universal center pull brakes.
Original paint and decals in fantastic shape.
Steel fenders.
Working generator light system.
This is a really nice city bike in fantastic original shape (except for tires)!
Price is $750.00
Please email at: with any questions or further details.