Monday, November 28, 2011

Schwinn Paramount chrome junior racer

 This petite Schwinn Paramount is one of the newest additions here. The Stronglight Mod. 93 crank arms have been shortened and tapped, effectively now making them 145mm long. The frame is Reynolds double butted tubing and Nervex Pro lugs, but the fork crown is the older 1950s design. The fork also has an unusual rake for a track fork, probably to provide ample toe clearance. It uses 24" tubular wheels.
Oh yeah, no Paramount headbadge, but instead a Hill Cycle sticker, so probably sold through the legendary Philadelphia cycle shop.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

late 1950s Ephgrave Super No. 1

 Late 1950s Ephgrave Super No.1 bicycle. Les Ephgrave was a London, England from builder starting at Harry Rensch of Paris Cycles just before WWII and then moved onto Claud Butler before starting to build under his own name. The Super No.1 was the top end model that he built and is known for it's embellished lugwork with windows cut out and the lollipop that he added to the top eyes(seat stay caps). 

More information on Ephgrave can be found on Classic Rendezvous and Classic Lightweights UK.

This bicycle is outfitted with all the high end equipment available at the time. First generation Campagnolo alloy cotterless Cranks and Gran Sport derailleurs.  Early Weinmann engraved centerpull brakes, GB spearpoint stem. Campagnolo Gran Sport high flange quick release hubs. Unica saddle with integrated Nitor seat post. Unrestored condition. Winner of 2005 Best Unrestored British bike at Cirque du Cyclisme. We have owned this bike for at least a decade now, and this is one of my favorite bikes the shop has in it's collection.

(photos courtesy of Dale Brown at Classic Rendezvous-shown in his yard 2005)

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rain commuting

Yeah, I'm one of those bike riders that wears a Carradice rain cape. Sure, I look like a big yellow blob, but in my 2.5 mile commute, I remain dry except for my face. At night, I'm extremely visible.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another happy customer

(we did lower the seat before she left)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bits and Bobs Display

 Some people are way better at displaying their cool parts and accessories than I will ever be. This spread is quite impressive and so full of eye candy, every square inch.
 Notice the star on the wall on the right side, that was once a chainring.
MaxiCar hubs, JOS lights, mafac, etc.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3Rensho warmup sweater for sale

 Original 3Rensho warmup sweater/jersey. It is a long sleeve, heavy material. There is not a size listed but about 19" from armpit to armpit laying flat, and about 27" long. Some light stains and it is obviously used. Original Japanese model, I am not sure if these were imported in the USA, previous owner stated it was purchased in Japan and was some Keirin racers, but the name escapes me, but that probably doesn't matter anyway here in the states. I can provide more pictures.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Philly Bike Expo cool old bikes

1970s Pogliaghi track bike.
Frejus Track bike
Cool custom bike
Nice cache of Italian steel(early Bianchi with Cambio Corsa, early 1960s Masi, late 1960s DeRosa, and mid 1970s Cinelli)
Badged Cinelli stem on the Masi.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Rock mix

not bicycles, but this is what I do when I am not talking about, reading about, or riding bicycles. I dj rock music and make mixes. 

Here is the newest one. You can listen to it online or download it by clicking the down arrow, on the left-hand side. It's free.
RockTits 'In Rock' by rocktits!

Boneshaker magazine

 Who doesn't love cool old pictures of old bikes? What about people riding them too? What about trick riding and even animal hospital bicycles? The newest issue of the VCC's Boneshaker has it all. If you are not a member of the Veteran Cycle Club, I highly recommend it. Membership information is here. There is also endless amounts of information with the VCC, not all pictures.

. . . and yes, I keep an issue of Boneshaker under my bed. it's bike porn.
 Veterinarians on wheels. 
I would love to see this routine.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

1937 Raleigh Golden Arrow

 We recently got this 1937 Raleigh Golden Arrow in. These are the 'before' pictures, the way we bought the bike and we will soon restore it to the correct specifications. The bike will clean up beautifully, the paint looks great and the plating really only has surface rust on it. We are confident that we have a nice set of period mudguards to install as well. Might be difficult finding a set of Shock-Stop grips for it though.

 Funny how the kept the original quadrant top tube Sturmey Archer shifter on the bike, even though it had been 'upgraded' to normal SA trigger thumb shifter.
 Nice fluted cottered cranks with replaceable chainring.
The Lauterwasser turned upright for a more casual riding position. we will correct that.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BSA Gold Column

(this is a story I posted a while ago, but after the Schwinn Paramount story, I think I am going to make a regular thing- "swap meet tales")

Late 1940s BSA Gold Column that I looked at a recent bicycle swap meet. I did not purchase it, as the price of the bicycle was not fixed, and as the day went along, the price went up, and then was told the bike was sold, but if I wanted to pay $20 more than the price that it sold for, it could be mine. I don't condone that type of selling. 
So I don't know if the bike actually sold or not. Did the buyer not pay for it yet, and if I were to buy it, would the seller just tell the original buyer- 'hey, you should have paid for it.' Or if the original buyer did pay for it, and intended on picking it up from the seller at the end of the swap meet, was the seller then just going to hand back the money and say-'Sorry, this guy paid me $20 more than what I sold it to you for. . .' 

It was a very unique bicycle, in original condition, an outstanding example of post war British bicycle. The brakes are quite rare, and i have never seen the decals on the Dunlop Special Lightweight rims, but imagine that the decals didn't last long.

I also picked up an issue of Cycling magazine that had information about this little known model (I have not yet photographed it). BSA had many models of bicycle that started with 'Gold'- such as- Opperman Gold Special, Triple Gold Star, Gold Shield, Gold Crest, Gold Band, and Gold Vase, and that is just from the 1938 BSA Gold Catalogue.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bike Shop drawing

This pencil drawing was done by our friend Randall Sellers in 2002. His work is on the small side, I think this drawing is 3"x4.5". It was drawn when the shop was set up opposite what it is now- the shelves and countertop is now on the left when you come in the door, not the right. Oh, we also have a new Fido.