Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sold 54cm Teledyne Titan frameset

 Teledyne Titan.
serial number #14XX, so dates around 1974-1975.
54cm center to center seattube
56.5mm center to top of seat lug
56cm center to center toptube
120mm rear spacing.

Minimal use and looks great. The decals are a little ragged, but are mostly complete. the seat tube decal is the worst.
early Shimano Dura Ace headset.
included 2 Shimano toptube brake cable clamps and one chainstay cable stop.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Sale- 50.5cm Raleigh International

50.5cm center to center seattube
53.5cm center to center toptube

Reynolds 531 Double butted. nervex professional chrome plated lugs.
original paint and decals. decals are a bit tattered, see pictures.

Campagnolo Nuovo record-
cranks with 49tooth Sugino ring and 43 tooth campagnolo ring.
Bottom bracket
High flange hubs
front and rear derailleurs- rear derailleur stamped 1973

Weinmann centerpull brakes and brake levers
Suntour barend shifters
Suntour Freewheel

Avocet saddle
AVA tubular rims.
new unridden tubular tires(not glued).


Friday, February 24, 2012

Customer's Bike- 1968 Schwinn Krate

 Very cool original 1968 Schwinn Orange Krate. yes, I said- original. The bike is original paint, decals and parts. Pogo seatpost. The Krate Kollectors might point out the bike is a 1968 and should have a front fender, very good observation. I wondered as well, but alas, the bike is complete with original owners manual and stapled inside is the book is the receipt from the summer of 1968, showing the purchase of the front fender. Really. 
Amazing time machine bike. I doubt you would see a nicer original bike.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 tooth Inch Pitch cog for sale

A customer had a machinist make this a few years ago. It is a 10 tooth 'skiptooth' cog to fit on more modern 3 spline coaster brake hubs. it is 1" x 3/16". New. 


Monday, February 20, 2012

Boston Raleigh Users Group visit to our shop

Scott has a very informative blog about Raleighs and Sturmey Archer. He recently completed a series of step by step overhaul tutorials of a Raleigh Sports. His blog is definitively worth following.

Here is the series of pictures of our shop he took- Via Bicycle Pilgrimage

and here is his blog. Boston Raleigh Users Group

Saturday, February 18, 2012

French Cyclist map

Well it is actually Automobiles and Cyclists, but still cool. I bought this in 2007, when I was in Paris for PBP. It is for the Lyon, Savoie, and Dauphine region of France. There is no date, but from my limited french knowledge, I would speculate it if from the 1950s.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lucifer Baby! light for sale

 New in original box, Lucifer front light/generator combo set. What a great looking box and equally great looking light. Mounts to the fork and is a self contained unit, no need to fumble with wires. Made in Switzerland. Lucifer lights were commonly outfitted on British bikes, including a couple Jack Taylors we have and I have seen it on a Hurlow as well.
Oh yeah, great name too.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Items seen at Westminster bike swap

Here are some quick pictures from the Westminster, MD bike swap over the weekend.
Forsyth early coaster brake hub. Very nice looking hub.
Chater Lea cranks and early Chater Lea "tommy bar" pedals.
Campagnolo 'con denti" track pedals.

Harden 'Bacon Slicer' large flange track hubs.
Colnago Duall Ergal. rare aluminum Colnago with twin downtubes, built by Alan for Colnago.
Fork crown on Raleigh Grand Prix- Reg Harris model.
A very tired Colnago Sport. corroded and rusty.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fancy Pictures taken at our shop

davis with prewar Raleigh Golden Arrow
Michael Shronk came in and offered to take some pictures to help with his portfolio. This really makes our shop look amazing. Take a look at more photographs HERE of his work. There's even a photograph of me there.

fido in her sports bra


Friday, February 10, 2012

2011 PBP Brevet card

So the way Paris Brest Paris works, it is similar to an alley cat race, where you check in at different checkpoints(controls) where your brevet card is stamped and the time is recorded. Along with the scheduled controls, there are secret ones as well. So 1200+km of that, in the French countryside. I like that it is only organized every 4 years, it makes it special.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Customer's chrome bike- Unknown make

 Nice custom set up bike. Elgin air cooled hubs(manufactured by Musselman) laced into faux wood finish steel wheels. Brooks saddle.

 Keystone headbadge loosely fitted. not original.

 Torrington #7 touring pedals with Standard toeclips.
 Faux wood finish on metal rims. This was painted on by Quaz.