Wednesday, April 19, 2017

For Sale: Mid 1960's Cinelli Speciale Corsa 57CM chrome plated!

     Nice rare frame and fork offered for sale today. It is a mid 1960's Cinelli Mod. Speciale Corsa in great condition. The frame and fork are chrome plated, which has some issues, mostly on the non-drive side down tube and a spot on the head tube. Tubing is intact, no structural damage. Has original decals in OK condition. Comes with correct seat binder bolt. Frame has 51mm enameled head badge. Lug set is before the three holes, which did not appear until 1968. Bottom bracket has the drain hole and NO oiler fitting on top. The oiler disappeared in the mid 1960's but the drain hole continued for a few years after. The rear drive side drop out also does NOT have the spring hole for the Campagnolo sport derailleur. That feature disappeared in the late 60's. Also, the fixed cup of the bottom bracket is currently stuck in the frame, we are working on getting it out, should not be a problem.  See photos for reference. Has threaded bosses for fenders at the drop outs, under the rear brake bridge, and the chain stay bridge. Serial number 3507. Comes with top tube brake cable clips as well, they need to be cut off as some one put globs of adhesive on the screws and nuts.  Frame measures as:

57 CM seat tube center to center
57 CM top tube center to center.
     This frame will also be going to the Copake auction and swap this weekend with Curtis if you are going and want to see it there. Feel free to contact me at: with any questions or for pricing.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Eric's Morris

     This bike belongs to one of our employees, Eric.  I wish I had a before picture of this bike, it was CRUSTY! He spent many hours polishing, detailing, tuning up, and sourcing parts. It is an Italian marque, Morris. Lesser known, but maker of high quality frames. Original decals and very nice chromovelato finish. The whole frame is chrome plated and then a red translucent laquer is applied over the chrome. When the sun hits it, it SHINES! Very Italian. He built it up with a mostly Gipiemme, Modolo, Galli group set. that fork was Sooo rusty, he took it down to the clean metal underneath and plans to get it chrome plated to finish the build off. very nice work all around. Enjoy the photos!