Monday, April 30, 2012

Memory Lane pt.2

 Pair of wooden handlebars I bought.
 I loved this assortment of lights, especially the Delta Jet Rocket light.
 Assortment of new old stock Schwinn headbadges. Continental, Tandem, and even ones for the early Varsitys.

Eliminator Mark II project I saw there for sale. cool muscle bike.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Memory Lane swap meet pt.1

 A pile of Schwinn Paramount frames. All larger sizes.
 Schwinn Mini-Twinn with Ram's Horn handlebars
 rusty blue looks nice.
 Early Gormley & Jefferies with nice wooden rims and rare aluminum rear fender.
 Original finish 1939 Schwinn badged BF Goodrich.

 Early 1950s Peugeot Porteur bike with aftermarket rack. Headlight is mounted incorrectly for a bike with a rack.

 George Omelenchuk bicycle, with BSA cranks,hubs, etc. Here is a Omelenchuk bike that he built for his wife, former National champion.
 Bendix 2 speed hubs
Rat rod 1950s Schwinn New World, with the paint stripped from it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fender reflector installed on my Hanford

 I recently installed a cool 1950s French reflector on my Hanford. Evidently, I am serious about safety, multiple tail lights, Phil Wood CHP pedals with reflectors and now a rear fender reflector.
Barely visible in the waterbottle cage is a Alex Singer leather tool pouch that a fellow bike collector picked up for me in Paris over the winter. I had one before, and never used it, but as soon as I sold it, I wanted one. Isn't that always the story. It is modeled after the TA one from the 1960s.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Copake Swap 2012 pt.2

 Interesting Schwinn Paramount with a gold fork, Gillon, and Austro-Daimler
 early Record adjustable cage pedals.
 Eddie Albert's table of rare parts for sale- Inch Pitch track chainrings, Campagnolo hubs, various stems and derailleurs.
 This early Iver Johnson trussbar frameset was updated with hubs brakes and an internal gear rear hub.
 Hendee Indian race bike.
 Early 1900s cushion frame.
A fellow collector recently found an early 1950s Raleigh but the Reynolds aluminum stem was cracked. I just so happen to buy a set of handlebars with a Reynolds stem that morning at Copake and was able to help him out.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Copake swap meet and 500th Blog post

 Copake swap meet was set with perfect weather this year. Above, the line of cars was just starting to file into the field at sunrise. Copake is the bike swap for Wheelmen types and with the 2nd Annual ride afterwards, it is great for collectors who want to ride their cool old bikes, and see others doing the same. Bikes and parts are not just limited to the turn of the 20th century, there is something for almost every collector.

Below are some pictures of interesting items I saw there-
 Large flange Chater Lea Hubs with GB aluminum wingnuts. The axles were fitted with a grease fitting.
 Early Dursley Pedersen gear hub.
 Weird New Departure hub with large flange added. I have never seen this before and couldn't figure out why it was added on the non-driveside.
 Unusual early pedal bike- Crypto Bantam (thanks brian!). Smaller wheels and there seemed to be some sort of gear mechanism in front hub/pedal crank.
 Early 1970s Raleigh Professional with Campagnolo Nuovo Record group.
 Durkopp track frame with a mix of parts. FB hubs, Stronglight 93 right arm, mod 49 left arm. Brooks Swallow saddle, Philippe adjustable stem.
 Dayton in pieces. maybe you could call it a build-a--bike.
 Nice selection of early lamps.

 Selection of early hubs.
 JP Weigle's new bike, freshly painted the previous day.
 Gathering for the 2nd annual 10 mile bike ride.
 Stop near Bash Bish Falls, while on the bike ride.
1939 Raleigh Tourist. beautiful.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

JB Louvet touring bike owned by Fred Delong

This is another bike from Fred Delong's collection. He was a technical editor (and "Question Man" at Bicycling Magazine in the 1970s along with Dick Swann) and even had a book published on bicycles and cycling- Fred Delong book of Bicycling. This JB Louvet has seen many miles and numerous trips to Europe and beyond. It is currently owned by a mechanic here at Via Bicycle, these photographs are the way we received the bike.
JB Louvet started the company in 1903, and I have not been able to find when the company closed, but in 1937, Dilecta acquired JB Louvet, but it appears Louvet still labeled their own bikes as this bike appears to be from the early 1960s.  Louvet had sponsored many decades of cycling teams and most notably had Henri PĂ©lissier.

Bicycles and motocycles.
TA Criterium headset
Huret dropouts with Huret Luxe super touring rear derailleur.