Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Early 1890s Columbia? seen at swap

This transition bicycle, introduced after the High Wheeler and before the Pneumatic Safety. The rims were outfitted with a round hard piece of rubber, hence the name Hard Tire Safety. The invention of Dunlop's pneumatic tires(air filled tires) made the Safety the clear winner in bicycle design over the High wheeler. The pneumatic tires provided the cushy supple ride of the High Wheeler with the safety of . . .you guessed it, a safety.

The hubs were ahead of their time. I remember service representatives visiting our bike shop from various bicycle companies to look at unique and innovative hub designs, and to then later see the hubs of a 100 years ago reintroduced as groundbreaking and innovative.

Unique dropout chain tensioner. Some of us who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s will see the extension on the rear axle as a 'peg' or 'pogo,' something found on BMX bicycles that was originally intended for tricks, but more commonly used to carry your friend around. On this 1890s bicycle, it is a mounting peg, it is used to help assist the rider in mounting and dismounting the bicycle.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone got a deal on some Cinelli Track bars/stems

Well, someone can get them. Fellow collector and cycling historian Eddie Albert brought them to sell at the Monson swap meet. They are available on his awesome website that is chock full of history and some amazing bicycles.

The Vintage Bike Life

New Swap Meet pictures from Monson, MA

This is a view from the outside. The event is held at the Memorial Hall. Much of the action happens indoors, but I neglected to take a picture in there, so you will just have to guess. . .
1891-1892 Columbia Hardtire safety. more pics to come in the future.

One sellers selection of Raleighs.

We sold this Raleigh Chopper a month ago as a ratty blue one, since then, he repainted it and restored the parts up nicely.

Nice Shelby Airflow bought there.

1903 or so Crescent Shaft drive bicycle. chainless.
Mid 1950s Raleigh Super Lenton for sale there for $800.

1970 Hetchins. I will post better pictures in a couple days, I took some nice one.

Nice early Schwinn CycleTruck with basket and basket top. Rear fender has holes for skirt guard?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Various swap meet pictures so far of 2010

Below are some various cool things I have seen so far this year(that I have not posted about yet).

Nice 1970s Schwinn Paramount with a Campagnolo triple crankset.

Schwinn Krate seats

A Drysdale Velox

Bowden Spacelander
Chillion wood ladies frame

1907 Ohio Bicycle Day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Major Taylor Adjustable track stem sold

very nice original plating. Accles and Pollock.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Raleigh 28" Tourist DL-1 full chaincase we sold

Appears to be New old stock, or installed but never ridden. The minor scratches could be result from shop wear.
for 28" wheel model Tourist, DL-1
comes complete with mounting hardware.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hill Cycle Shop

Hill Cycle Shop was the premier bicycle shop in the Philadelphia area for many decades.
Here is the Facebook dedicated to Hill Cycle Shop.

John Eustice(2 time US Pro Champion) speaking about his youth and riding -
"I grew up near Philadelphia and there was a wonderful bike shop, Hill Cycle Shop, one of a handful of legendary bike shops that keep the tradition of professional cycling alive. [Hill Cycle was founded in 1929 by the Casale family, –ed.] There were a few in New York , too: Stuyvesant's, which is now “A” bicycles[A Bicycle Shop], Thomas Avenia in East Harlem, and later, Kissena. There was Princeton Kopps Cycle too, and together they were the East Coast establishment that kept the flame burning for American cycling. The shops were beautiful, full of Campagnolos and Masis, Pinarellos and Colnagos, and beautiful hand-made Vittore Gianni wool jerseys—Eddy Merckx used to get Gianni to make his jerseys. Hill Cycle Shop was an incredible jewel box of a bike shop and a very stimulating place for a boy interested in cycling." - from the article - John Eustice, Looking backward and forward

We have the Hill Cycle show bike, we are currently restoring it and it will hang downstairs as a reminder of Philadelphia's Bicycle racing history. I will add photos of it in the future as well.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

1972 Raleigh Professional SOLD

Raleigh Professional
61cm center to center seattube, 58cm center to center toptube.
Campagnolo Nuovo record group.
Rear derailleur is stamped 1972.
The Campagnolo Nuovo Record brakes are the early ones with flat qrs.
Early Campy brake levers, referred as long reach.
Freewheel will be provided, not in pictures.
The rims were changed to clincher rims, but i can sell a set of correct AVA tubular rims for $60.
Brooks Professional saddle, that has been chopped and modified- they referred to a Hot Rodded.
the bike will clean and polish up beautifully.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1950s British Bike(possibly Claud Butler?) we sold

59cm center to center seattube. 60cm center to center toptube.
Looks like a Claud Butler, the bilaminate lug work and seat stay treatment.
but it may not be a CB, it does not have Serial # stamped under the bottom bracket shell(Chater Lea BB shell). Also, eyelets are different on this bike, compared to the other CBs that I have seen,
it would need a repaint, but as you can see from the photos, the parts are generally in excellent condition, minus the chrome on the rear hub and the rear derailleur.
Chater lea cranks, bottom bracket and headset.
GB brakes, levers, spearpoint stem, and handlebars(i have never seen that logo before on the handlebars)
Huret rear derailleur
Union pedals(rusty)
Brooks B-17 oval logo saddle(quite desirable, pre-1960)
Reynolds aluminum seatpost
Bayliss and Wiley hubs.
Weinmann early logo aluminum rims.