Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forgotten Daniel Rebour drawings

At the Milan Exhibition, drawings of Daniel Rebour
Oh, what a life I live. Not to sound like an arrogant bike collector, but I somehow forgot that I had these Daniel Rebour drawings. I bought them a couple years ago and they had been sitting in a folder upstairs in my office, along with other paper that I want to get framed- including original MC5, Stooges, Hellacopters, Sonic's Rendezvous Band,etc Posters. Just with other art. I found them last week and that prompted me to want to get the "World of Daniel Rebour" books that were published a long time ago and are out of print. Jitensha Studio offers some rare Japanese published books- like the Rene Herse book, and the book on Toei bicycles- and they also list Volume 3 & 4 of the world of Rebour. The website prices were not accurate, the price was more than listed, but I wanted the books bad enough that the increase in price did not matter. If you are interested in the books, they are all awesome additions to any library. (and if you do order, tell them Joel from Philadelphia referred you to them!)

Also, if you have Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 I will pay you good money for them, or I have many items I could trade for them. please email if you have any leads.

If you are a little less extravagant than I am, you can purchase from Velo Retro a photocopy of Vol.1 of the World of Daniel Rebour. I am a book collector, so I want the original printing.

Rebour note above is cool as I believe it is in his handwriting. I have written about Rebour before, but as long as I keep looking at cool vintage bicycle parts, his name will continue to be mentioned.

Friday, November 27, 2009

1937 Hetchins Brillant sold

1937 Hetchins Brillant. 57cm center to center seattube and toptube. It was built for 26 1 1/4" wheels(597 bead seat diameter). The frameset is outfitted with a Chater Lea floating race headset(minus the bearings) and a Chater Lea cottered bottom bracket. The paint restoration was done by Brian Bayliss a long time ago, maybe a decade??? by the previous owner.

I bought it a couple years ago with full intention of building it up, I located cranks, wheels and other bits but realize I am not ever going to build up. In fact, it has not been built up since the paint restoration.

The frame is a little dusty in the pictures, from sitting around for a couple years.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rene Herse woman's Demountable

Pretty neat French bicycle. This bicycle comes apart. This bike is a super rare 1970s Rene Herse woman's Demountable bicycle.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1961 Jack Taylor Super Tourist

Here is Curtis's 1961 Jack Taylor Super Tourist. a couple years ago he had Mike Barry at Mariposa Bicycles to repaint it, and to boxline it. The original paint was flaking off in chunks and had to be repainted. The bike is equipped with original Cyclo rear derailleur, TA cranks, Mafac cantilever brakes. The front wheel pictured is a replacement for the time being, the original had a punctured tube. The pedals are also not original. The lighting is made by Lucifer, a Swiss company.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PreWar Raleigh Record Ace

AC49106. 54cm center to center seattube. With RRA crankset, bottom bracket, seatpost, headset, and handlebars and stem. Original Constrictor handlebar grips.
Headset and bottom bracket have been overhauled.
Original paint and chrome. basically just needs wheels, brakes, pedals and a seat and you are ready to ride.

Picture of my 1960s Rochet

This Picture was taken a couple weeks ago at the New York City Bicycle Photo Booth. I decided to take the Chinatown bus up to New York City to have my bicycle picture taken by Keiko Niwa
and to support my friend Harry Schwartzman. More photos of bicycles and people that attended here on the NYC Bicycle Jumble website.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bicycle Books- For SaLe!

Well rather than a long list of books we have that we want you to have, I took a couple quick blurry pictures. They at least give you an idea of the books we have. and we have tons more. Just send an email of what you are looking for and we can go from there.

Books are wealths of information and make great gifts to yourself and friends.

Click on pictures for larger images-

Thursday, November 19, 2009

1963 Jack Taylor Super Tourist sold

1963 Jack Taylor super Tourist. Excellent condition. Super example of
an unrestored one and just waiting for an overhaul and then some
waxing and cleaning.
I made a fake attempt at wiping it down, it will polish up amazingly.
Not kidding.
62cm center to center seattube, 64cm center to top seattube.
58cm center to center toptube.

27" Fiamme clincher rims with Campagnolo low flange hubs.
TA triple.
Cyclo rear derailleur and shifter.
Mafac cantilever brakes.
Campagnolo early Record derailleur with cable stop.
Lefol hammered fenders.
Lucifer generator and lights.
Jack taylor racks and 9.5cm stem.
Brooks B-15 leather saddle.
Cyclo competition freewheel.

more photos here-
Paint and decals are beautiful. the pump peg was broken off- it was
placed behind the seattube, and it was not well conceived, as it would
not work well with the fenders.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some large Flange hubs.

The picture shows some Prior, BSA, Harden, Airlite, New departure, and others.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shellwin track hubs- new old stock

Shellwin hubs are some of the coolest,weirdest hubs out there. They were British made, post war(1948-1949), and used traditional bend spokes.

Here is an article written about them- here on Classic Lightweights UK.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hetchins Stem

This Hetchins stem is amazing. Of course it is not a Hetchins built piece, but none the less, it looks like the perfect on this Magnum Opus. This bike as beautiful in person as you can see in these two photographs.