Sunday, December 30, 2012

Halladay adjustable handlebars

 These adjustable handlebars are similar to Kelly handlebars. Produced in Marion, Indiana for Marion Cycle Works in the mid to late 1890s.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Caminade Caminargent city bike

I love the look and idea of the Carinargent(Introduced around 1934-35 in France). It has octagonal tubing that are held together by lugs that clamp with bolts. So the frame can be completely disassembled. It is aluminum and with some time and delicate love, it can be polished to a beautiful shine. I have never seen the octagonal tube rack before. If it was my size I would have not posted a link to the auction until it was over. . . and my bike!

This particular bike is on ebay and here is the seller's(RhClassics) description-
(ebay item-360548761084)

"54 cm middle of BB to center of seat tube.
 650B wheels. 3449/ 4-50, so April of 1950. 
Very nice example of a fully original cyclotouring Caminade, with all its original parts, never restored or polished up. 
There has been a tendency over the past to turn all Caminade into race bikes, or to build up a bike from a frame in a non-authentic fashion. 
This bike is the real thing, as it left the Caminade factory. It has all the nice cyclotouring options and parts : fantastic octagonal tubing rear carrier, original internal cables and wires, original red paint detailing of the lugs, original Caminade frame bolts, Lefol Le Paon mudguards and correct matching Luxor lights, rare alloy Roto-Phare dynamo, Stronglight cranks with red paint matching the frame, Lefol chain guard, fine alloy rims and hubs, Caminargent stem, alloy bars, Lam brakes and levers, fine long Frank Nelson saddle, octagonal pump peg. The back derailleur is missing, it would have been a standard Super-Champion to match the lever that is still there on the top tube. Not a problem to source this one missing part. Condition of the frame is good, it will polish up beautifully"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Schwinn Webb brakes

Very unique brake display to show the newly introduced Schwinn Webb brakes(1937-1938). I have not done much research other than the Schwinn catalog, but Webb was British components manufacturer. They were best known for their pedals.

 Equipped on the prewar Paramount Tourist.
I personally own the original ink drawing of the Paramount Sports-Tourist Ladies' bicycle. See it here on this blog posting.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grease fitting on bottom bracket spindle

Coventry(uk) Ultralite cottered bottom bracket axle has grease fittings on either end of the spindle and a hole at both bearing races so grease grease can be injected into the bottom bracket without disassembling. One could also use lightweight oil, as well.

Suntour(japan), in conjunction with Wilderness Trail Brothers(WTB), later used a similar design with their XC-Pro bottom brackets with Grease Guard. The Suntour unit has a hole in the crank arm bolts, the spindle is hollow, and their is a hole on either side of the bearing races. Injecting fresh grease ultimately purges out the old grease.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

57cm Schwinn Paramount track bike sold

1971 Schwinn Paramount with all cool stuff a Paramount could have.
Reynolds 531 double butted through out, Nervex Pro lugs, boxlined.
57cm center to center seattube.
56cm center to center toptube.

Campagnolo Pista cranks with inch pitch chainring, and campagnolo inch pitch cog.
Wipperman block chain-super rare.
Campagnolo Nuovo Record track hubs(Schwinn double drilled hubs), tied and soldered in Schwinn Approved tubular rims.
Campagnolo nuovo Record headset, BB, and seatpost.
early 1960s Brooks Swallow in excellent condition.
Cinelli badged track stem and Cinelli chrome steel track handlebars #18. (the stembadge screws are not original, but brass reproductions)
black sidewall Continental sprinter tires.
no pedals. sorry.

The paint is original and shows some scratches and wear, but still shiny and great! drilled for a front brake, not drilled for a rear brake.
I can provide more pictures and details, just email