Sunday, June 30, 2013

Randonneur bike riding on NPR

A chance to give the public another look on riding bikes on the road, no need to worship the speed kings of the Tour de France. Look inward and see what one is capable of, without drugs.

Randonneurs Are In It For The Ride, Not The Race- on

Friday, June 28, 2013

Reproduction Schwinn Paramount Lockring for sale

We reproduced track cog lockrings for the early Schwinn Paramount hubs. The lockring thread is unique and original lockring is increasing harder to find.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Turn of the century Cycling Cup

 Collapsible Cycling Cup for 1897. Pretty cool idea. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Early Stayer - Motor pace frame for sale

 A beautifully built stayer bicycle frame. Sadly missing the fork. The lugs are exquisitely thinned on this unknown marque, presumably 1930s- maybe 1940s. It has a reinforced headtube, and requires a fork that accepts a 24" front wheel. The rear wheel is normal 700c/sewup. Floating race headset cups. English thread bottom bracket shell. The driveside chain stay is indented to accept a large chainring, standard on stayer bikes.
53cm center to center seat tube
53cm center to center top tube


Saturday, June 22, 2013

For Sale- late 1970s Benotto 58cm road bike SOLD!

 Nice Italian made Benotto. I am not sure what model it is. Galli headset, shifters, pedals, and crankset. Campagnolo Nuovo record front and rear derailleurs and hubs set. pantographed 3T seatpost., pantographed Cinelli stem, Cinelli handlebars. Soffatti saddle. Mix matched tubular rims- rear is a Mavic GP4 and the front rim is an Ambrosio.
Chainstays are shaped tubing- diamond, rather than round. Heart cutout of the bottom bracket shell underneath.Campagnolo dropouts with provision to accept Campagnolo Portacatena on the drive side- so that dates the frame late 1970s, early 1980s.
Bicycle is used and has usual chips in the original paint. There is also some rust on parts of the frame, but none of that is structural. No dents or signs of a crash. Bicycle could use an overall- cleaning old grease and adding new grease, and various adjustments associated. It does take tubular(glue on) tires and they must be replaced and properly glued. All of this is not included in the price. Bicycle is as is.
58cm center to center seattube
57cm center to center toptube.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Resilion Locking brake lever

 Resilion locking brake lever was introduced in 1948, as a way to curb bicycle theft. It looks like bicycle theft as long been an issue, not just in these modern times.

It is a novel design, squeeze the lever then turn the key to lock it in place. The brake pads hold tightly to the rim after the key is removed making the bicycle immovable.  Aluminum construction.

I also like the shim provided to use on different handlebars.

from -

Thursday, June 20, 2013

1972 Colnago Super with drillium

 As found, not cleaned, 1972ish Colnago Super. Complete with Nuovo Record group with drilled and milled chainrings, drilled 1st generation brake levers, drilled rear derailleur, milled brake calipers,  seat post, and Cinelli 1a 9cm stem.  Campagnolo bar end shifters, Superleggera pedals with "1037A <C>" stamped on the barrels. Ideale 2001 saddle. No date code on the Nuovo Record cranks so between 1968-1972. rear derailleur is stamped "pat. 71". Nuovo Record headset with <C> on the lower cup.
50cm center to center seattube.
52cm center to center top tube.