Friday, December 11, 2009

Benotto campagnolo Cambio Corsa bicycle SOLD

Late 1940s Benotto Campagnolo Cambio Corsa equipped bicycle. Complete with Benotto pantographed parts, such as cranks and stem. Corsa leather saddle that is rather dry. The bicycle should be repainted as the finish is rather rough, I can include correct decals for the bicycle. It can be left unfinished for a nice rider, get practice shifting before refinishing, so you will have it understood and won't be too worried about riding.

The bicycle is currently in riding condition. 57.5cm seattube center to center. 56cm toptube. It is harder to find a larger frame like this, most that I have seen have been 54cm or so.


Masini said...

Totally interested in this. Can I ask the asking price? I need to decide this or a better-conditioned Legnano in Italy. Thanks!

Also - what's your inventory like on other CC parts?

bikeville said...

$1500. It is kinda difficult to find early Italian race bikes here in the USA, especially a Cambio Corsa model. They do show up in Italy on Ebay, but shipping to the US can be expensive($200-300) plus you could have to pay duty tax on top of it. We do have some Cambio Corsa parts, hubs, shift/qrs, etc.

Unknown said...

is this bike still for sale or do you have anything else like it?