Thursday, December 13, 2012

1930s track bike with diamond tubing

 Unknown builder with incorrect fork. It does have Pop Brennan decal on the headtube, but we do not believe it was built by him. It may have been worked on or repaired by him. The lugs are finely filed, rather uncommon from this time period. The rear triangle is built with diamond seat and chain stays, I have never seen a bike with this treatment. Unique CCM steel cotter-less cranks, wood wheels, and early Persons saddle. Any help in identifying????

Thinly filed lugwork.

CCM cotterless cranks. rare design with a triangle taper, rather than the later standardized square taper. BSA chainring. 
CCM crankset from Mike Barry's Blog

Extremely long stem, with lamp bracket attached.

Early Persons racing saddle with saddle support attached.

 Pop Brennan for Expert Sales Repair Work.

 A brake as an afterthought. It clamps on the seatstays, and does not require the brake bridge to be drilled.

New Departure rear track hub.


Anonymous said...

I could stare at this bike all day!

Findinguniversity said...

Nice info!!
those bikes must be expensive

Anonymous said...

This bike is mine now,i got it at an auction, does anybody know anything else about it, who rode it...etc, it's a great bike!( )