Friday, January 25, 2013

1896 White Sewing Machine catalog


Peter Hamtramck said...

So great, I love the "Then/Now" illustrations instead of the more popular "Before & After". Also, what's going on with that direct seat post?


bikeville said...

the seatpost has slots to have the rails mount directly to the post, and then there was a "top" that bolts down to clamp the rails to the post. Keep in mind, it was the fashion(or at least the public was sold it) to ride a bicycle frame larger than what we would consider today. all bicycles in this catalog, as well as other catalogs of this time, show the saddle low, with roughly an inch or less of seatpost visible. So they needed to mount the saddle as low as they could as the bike frames were large- Men's frames were listed at "height of 24" & 26"" and woman's frames listed as "height of 22"". I am not sure how that measurement was taken, but the older turn of the century frames are large.

M. Windle said...

What is the name of that handlebar style?

And do they make a modern equivalent?

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