Monday, June 24, 2013

Early Stayer - Motor pace frame for sale

 A beautifully built stayer bicycle frame. Sadly missing the fork. The lugs are exquisitely thinned on this unknown marque, presumably 1930s- maybe 1940s. It has a reinforced headtube, and requires a fork that accepts a 24" front wheel. The rear wheel is normal 700c/sewup. Floating race headset cups. English thread bottom bracket shell. The driveside chain stay is indented to accept a large chainring, standard on stayer bikes.
53cm center to center seat tube
53cm center to center top tube



hugheseum said...

hi there,interested in this frame,how can i reach you?

Anna Schafer said...

I was certainly an expert), I would tune in to various FM dinosaur rock stations and see if I could find any.Motorcycle Trading Post