Thursday, November 20, 2014

For Sale: 1959' ish Schwinn Paramount road bike 62CM

     Offered for sale today is a 1959' ish Schwinn Paramount road bike. Serial number B72 according to Waterford's site puts production in the area of fall 1959. This is the second number system Schwinn used from 1959-1965. The bike is built with a mostly a later Campagnolo Nuovo Record component group. The hubs are Campagnolo HF "no record" laced to unknown tubular  (sew-up) rims, tires are bad and need to be replaced. Campagnolo NR rear derailleur pat. 73 stamp. Campagnolo NR front derailleur. Campagnolo DT clamp on shifters and cable guide. Stronglight 49D cranks with Stronglight BB as well (52-42 chain ring combo). universal mod.61 brakes and scuffed up Weinmann red dot brake levers. Ambrosio Champion road stem (95mm extension). Clamp pinch bolt is seized, hence the odd bar position. unknown alloy bars, 38 CM wide CTC. campagnolo NR seat post (27.2) with Brooks Pro saddle, dark brown, large rivets, in good condition. Lyotard touring pedals with XL steel toe clips (Christophe Special).Unknown headset, perhaps Stronglight. Campagnolo pump head without safety circle.
  •     The frame has been re-painted and has no decals. Paint color is a faded teal green. no headbadge either.  Campagnolo drop outs with eyelets.
  • 62 CM seat tube CTC 
  • 61 top tube CTC.
  • 34" stand over height (no air in tires)
     Please contact me at: for pricing or with any additional questions, thanks!


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