Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Butler, PA swap meet report. January 18th 2015

     We attended the Butler, PA swap meet this past weekend put on by Rapp's Cycle center and organized by Jeff. This was the 25th anniversary of the show. It was well attended as practically all the vendor spaces were occupied. We showed up saturday night and set up our wares. There was a bunch of buying and selling among the vendors, which is always fun and you get to see what everyone has. This is the first show of the season and is a good indicaton for the shows to come for 2015. This show is nice because everything is contained in the Days Inn. There is an indoor pool , great for relaxing after carrying around a lot of steel bikes! There is also an attached bar and restaurant, again, a nice break and an opportunity for socialization before it is time for business. This is a good family friendly show, if your signifigant others are not feeling the bikes they can go for a swim or relax in the hotel room and watch TV or whatever. WAY better than sleeping in a field!
     This show is primarily a balloon tire event, but you never know what will show up. One of the rarest bikes ever showed up one year, fresh from a barn and in great shape! It was the Dayton Huffman "Death Bike", everyone who was there still tells the story! We sold some stuff, bought some stuff and had a great time seeing friends and the variety of bikes people brought. The highlight for me was a really nice 1937 RoadMaster with original paint and all the bells and whistles. See photos, It is the green one with the cool twin headlights and rear rack and tail light. It was a successful event and look forward to next year! Enjoy the photos!

 De Rosa Competition

 Old School BMX!

 Nice personalized chain guard on this Fleet Wing.

  2 wheel drive system on this mountain bike!

 Our set up!

 Schwinn Paramount tandem very reasonablly priced!


 Harley advert.

 Nice line up.

 Awesome bike stand!


 Custom side car!

 Columbia shaft drive
 Schwinn paramount 1973 P-13

 Cool Guerciotti branded Alan.

 37' Road Master, my personal favorite of the show!

 Super cool early (80-81) Cook bros. frame and fork!

 Cool 6 day photo.

Swap meet regular vendor and friend Biz was unable to attend, so Larry made these full size heads on a stick, so he was there in spirit and handed them out to everyone. Here he is, sleeping in.

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