Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jose Meiffret

     Frenchman Jose Meiffret set the motorpaced record in 1951 behind a Talbot Lago at 109.1 mph and again in 1962 with a speed of 127.342 behind a Mercedes 300SL.
     In his 1951 attempt, he carried a note in his pocket that stated: "In case of fatal accident, I beg the spectators not to feel sorry for me. I am a poor man, an orphan since the age of eleven, and I have suffered much. Death holds no terror for me. This record attempt is my way of expressing myself. If the doctors can do no more for me, please bury me by the side of the road where I have fallen."

 I am not sure what magazine the above photos are from, but it is Jose Meiffret with a pair of his bikes. He famously carried the above mentioned note in his jersey pocket on one of his motor paced record attempts.

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