Thursday, May 12, 2016

For Sale: Ross Apollo 5 speed muscle bike in great condition!

     Here is a blast from the past! Ross joined in on the muscle bike craze in the late 1960's and this was one of their models. The coolest ones had the top tube mount stick shifter, but this is still pretty cool. pretty much time capsule condition. Most everything looks to be original to the bike. I gave it a quick wipe down and put air in the tires and it is pretty much ready to go already. If you broke this down, overhauled it,  shined it up and put it back together, WOW it will be awesome. Great summer time cruising project or hook up your kid with the bike you lusted after as a kid yourself! please check out the photos for reference. I am dating this bike to 1979 because of the rear brake cable housing. it has the 79 date stamp on it and looks to be original to the bike. Heck that piece of housing alone is valuable to OLD SCHOOL BMX collectors!
Cost is $425.00 plus S/H.
Contact me at: with any questions.


Unknown said...

I'm interested 484-942-6522 Jr.

Anonymous said...

1979 is correct. The start of the serial number is month year. 09 month, 79 year.