Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Awesome customer's bike: 1919 Black Beauty trotter made by Haverford Cycle Co.

     This is bike that belongs to a friend of ours / client of the shop. It is a 1919 Black Beauty Trotter model made by the Haverford Cycle Co. that was based right here in Philadelphia, PA. The owner is an equestrian, so the bike has multiple levels of interest to him. When I was in middle school I read the book Black Beauty by Anna Sewell which was first published in 1877. I always liked the story because one of her intentions with Black Beauty was to 'induce kindness, sympathy, and an understanding treatment of horses'. I did a book report on the book and received an A grade. One of  the last high points of my earlier schooling!
     Anyway, this bike was totally overhauled by us and came up quite nicely. My favorite part is the head badge and really cool paint scheme. I always associate this "flashing" motif with six day bikes. It just looks really fast and sharp to me. Very cool chain ring pattern, similar to the Harley Davidson bikes in my mind. Also of note is the raised center portion of the outside of the fork leg, pretty nice. Check out this link to a 1917 catalog which features the Trotter model: Haverford Cycle Co. catalog 1917  Thanks for trusting us with servicing it and we are glad it has a great home. Enjoy the photos!

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Frank Harwin said...

Hello, good to know about your Sportive Cyclist fantastic blog.This bike looks so classy. It just reminds me that "Old is Gold"
Nice post.Thanks for sharing.!!