Sunday, May 8, 2011

1961 Schwinn Paramount Tourist

I purchased this bike a few years ago from a fellow Classic Rendezvous listmember and it is a bike I have always looked for. I have owned numerous Paramounts over the years and currently also own a 1968 Paramount track bike but I always wanted a city bike Paramount. This bike was originally set up this way, with a chainguard, fenders, Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub, Titan stem and upright handlebars. The bicycle also has original Schwinn Paramount cottered cranks, Campagnolo no "Record" front hub, Brooks mattress saddle, early version Weinmann engraved brakes, and dark blue Schwinn grips.

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gary hurst said...

i've so always wanted this. this is in fact the only one i've ever seen that is actually owned by someone and not just a picture in a catalog. i have a trek 930 i plan to build into a version of this. the real deal would be so much cooler though.