Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vintage chainguard installed

A customer came in to have a vintage chainguard installed on her early 1980s Schwinn world that was converted into a single speed. Davis came up with an ingenious solution using Simplex single sided shifter clamps. It proved to be an excellent support, rigid and looks good as well. Too bad we didn't have any domed M5 nuts, that would have made it even more elegant. Next time.


somervillain said...

Excellent! Well done. What a great repurposing of the Simplex clamps. I recently installed a new VO porteur case on my wife's mixte using the VO-supplied hardware (bottle cage clamps, draw bolts and 5M threaded rods), and while it is more secure than I had hoped, it lacks the elegance of brazed-on mounts.

What you did is the next best thing. I'll have to keep my eyes open for more of these. I suppose any single-sided shifter mount (Huret, e.g.) would work?

Big Clyde said...

Looks so cool!

david said...

I think Huret shifter bolts might be a proprietary thread, or at least not standard M5 X .8 mm (maybe finer?). Something to look into. I used the Simplex ones because they're a bit more common around the shop; lots of older Peugeots used a braze-on left/clamp-on right shifter boss configuration, for whatever reason.


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