Monday, June 18, 2012

Bikes from Cirque, Part 3- Weigle

There were many great J.P. Weigle bikes at Cirque.  I overheard one person say that "there should be an award for best Weigle" during the award ceremony.  There were so many that it was hard to choose one favorite.  This post will highlight some of his bikes and their unique and beautiful features.

 Built in taillight.

 Custom front rack nicely mounted to Paul new racers.

Sorry for the out-of-focus shot, its the best that I have of this entire bike. 

Another integrated taillight with a interesting cable hanger and Mafac Competitions.

 Fork crown detail.

 A wider shot of the rack and lights that I posted before.


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bike master said...

thanks for sharing you images of these fine bicycles.

are those some OG Shimano 747's with aftermarket Ti spindles on the Wiggle? no jokes this time