Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bikes from Cirque, Part 4- Hi E bicycle

Larry Black owns this Hi-E road bike that was on display at Cirque.  It is an amazing display of innovation in lightweight technology, and a forerunner to modern lightweight bicycles. Harlan Meyer built this bike.

1950s Universal front brake.
 These Hi-E hubs are still the lightest in existence today. Note the spoke lacing and minimal skewers. (The front spokes are aluminum and are double ended threaded, laced through a spoke hole then uses a proprietary nipple, tensioned with a special tool.)

 Dropouts joined to the frame.  The rear hub is Hi-E as well.

Drillium on rear derailleur- (stock Huret 3rd Generation Jubilee rear derialleur).  This shot also shows a side angle of the rear dropout joining the seat- and chain-stays.  It's also interesting how the rear derailleur housing runs inside of the dropout.

Cranks and bottom bracket shell. (Hi-E custom made cranks with Lambert/Viscount chainrings screwed to them. Simplex Prestige front derailleur. This is the first time I have ever seen the Hi-E cranks in person)

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anthony kesseling said...

What would a bike (Cosmo) like this cost if I wanted to buy one for my bike collection? Is the one pictured for sale?