Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Interesting drop plate for brake reach

 I recently saw this well machined drop plate on a mid 1980s Trek road bike. I have seen my share of drop bolts- from one by Campagnolo and Dia Compe to a few home made, dubious looking setups. This solution to needing to lower where the brake mounts  because of the caliper reach is too short is one of my favorites. It appears to be rigid and well supported. Anyone know anything about the manufacturer? 


somervillain said...

I like it, because it uses the stays to prevent torsion around the bridge. Seems rock solid.

It looks homemade, or perhaps a one-off from a lathe. Should be easy to make from a chunk of aluminum stock.

Skip Montanaro said...

Agreed, looks like well made, homemade.

Paul Wilczynski said...

Not made with a "lathe". This is made from some 3/8" aluminum plate. It could be cut in a wood bandsaw and filed, sanded, and polished. Drill two holes of the proper size, and yer in biz. With basic power tools, perhaps an hour's work.

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