Monday, May 20, 2013

Pictures from Cirque du Cyclisme 2013 swap meet

 Jon Williams amazing work at Drillium Revival
 Milk crate full of hubs. Harden bacon slicers, airlites, campagnolo track. . .
Truing stand

Miscellaneous items from sale by Dale Brown, Classic Rendezvous founder.
A Willy Appelhans bike. More pictures in a couple days, this is just a teaser of his headbadge- one of my favorite headbadges of all time.
Front end of a Colnago. JRA- just riding along.
 Australian built and over the top paint work on this Speedwell.
 Nice Italian city bike with integrated handlebars/stem/brake levers.
 Swiss Army bike.

Tail end of a Jack Taylor trailer. (looks great Nick!!)

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