Thursday, January 9, 2014

Amazing shop bike! early 1960's Carlton with International lug set

We have some pretty cool bikes in the shop's collection.

This is one of my favorites. It is an early 1960's Carlton. There are a couple reasons why I like this bike. First of course is the international lug set. Extremely ornate and well filed / thinned. The seat cluster with the ornate wrap over seat stays are quite elegant. The paint scheme is really sharp and the decals are the nicest I have ever seen from Carlton (in my opinion). The fork crown echoes the ornate lugs nicely. Borrowing a bit from Hetchins treatment perhaps but still all their own.The only thing that's missing is an arching rear brake bridge. I would not call the stays "pencil" but they are nice and thin.

I compare this bike at first glance to a Saluki, not the Rivendell bike, the dog. Very elegant and svelte. The second thing I like is that all the components are from smaller  British parts maker at the time. The British Hub Co. Airlite hubs, Williams crank set,  Benelux derailleurs and shifters, Mansfield saddle, GB Coureur 66' brakes, GB Superhood brake levers with hoods, and GB Maes bars. This is before Raleigh bought everything and is a nice example of what was available at the time from smaller firms doing their thing. So the overall picture is the last gasp of sorts of smaller British frame building and components. Enjoy!


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Woody Rims said...

awesome british lugwork as I love sooo much!
to see Frames built with fine handcutted brit lugs of e.g. H.R.Morris, Bill Hurlow, Thanet, Gillot, bleeblaabloop let me always ejaculate, hehe!
A fine Bike!!!