Saturday, March 8, 2014

Steve's 1975 Schwinn Paramount track

     Steve is one of our employees here at Via Bicycle. He works at the front end of the shop handling diagnosis and sales. It is a multi- faceted position with many responsibilities. He has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the shop time and time again. He recently purchased this Paramount frame set and put it together very sensibly. We like being able to hook our employees up with cool bikes. The frame set had been kicking around the shop for several months. I was originally thinking about buying it because it was produced the year I was born, 1975. But I already own too many bikes, so I am glad he got it.
     He set it up with mostly Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista components, except the bottom bracket, crank dust caps, and chain ring. He uses Crank Bros. pedals and 3TTT stem with Nitto steel track bars.
A well used Concor saddle rounds out the assembly.
     The bike has a lot of patina, a trait I personally love. Steve cleaned it up a bit and painted some of the more corroded areas. The result is a nice around town / work bike. I hope he gets many miles and enjoyment out of it! Enjoy!


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harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Nervex lugs! Mmmmmmmm
very nice fraem, very nice build