Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Awesome Customer's Awesome Bike: Early' ish Richard Sachs

     We work on a lot of bent Huffys and other lower tier bikes here at Via Bicycle. So it is a special day when something of this caliber rolls through the door. This bike belongs to one of our best customers. He knows his stuff and lets us work on most of his ever growing fleet of bicycles. It is a Richard Sachs road bike, I am not sure of the model. It looks a bit like the later Strada Immaculata, which means clean road. It is unusual to see one in this dark grey paint scheme, I quite like it. This color was my father's preffered color for painting cars when I was a kid. So, it has that connection for me, personally. The serial number is 1234 with the number 57 stamped into the BB shell as well, which I assume is the size. I know little about Mr. Sachs serial number sequence except that this is maybe the 123rd bike he produced? I am sure the owner will inform me better. Richard Sachs is one of the finest American frame builders in the past 40 years, he knows how to build a bike frame and will tell you as such. His brazing and file work is near perfection, in my opinion. Not sure if this is a Joe Bell painted bike or not. The paint is great, very thin allowing all the detail work to show through. Enjoy the photos.

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