Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cirque du Cyclisme 2012

This year at Cirque du Cyclisme in Leesburg, VA, I will be giving a talk about swap meets. I will discuss brief history, etiquette, finds and deals, and the culture involved. As you can tell from the Bikeville blog, I do go to a lot of swap meets and find them very interesting from a various viewpoints. I will show pictures and tell some swap meet tales and even discuss the various ways to ask how much someone is selling an item for-
*whatcha got on that
*what do you gotta get
*what's your best
*. .  . I'm afraid to ask. .  .

I am also planning on riding down from Philadelphia again, as it is a nice ay to air out my legs and to bring my Hanford to the bike show- with this year's theme- American built bikes. AND. .. There is a SWAP MEET!!!

read more about Cirque here
and register for it HERE! see you there.

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shu said...

i'm thinking of riding down from NYC too... my folks live a few miles from the event.
maybe i'll see on the road!