Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cyclo (UK) interesting offerings and components

Cyclo catalogs I was recently looking through. Interesting to see offering an 8 speed bicycle in 1934, and it took Schwinn to mass market an 8 speed bike until 1960 with the Schwinn Varsity. I guess the American market was inundated with heavy single speed bicycles that looked like motorcycles and rode like tanks.
1934, 1936, 1960
This Rosa pedal extension looks like a great item for riders with wide feet. I don't think I have ever found a pair on pedals before??

Cyclo Oppy toe clips. named after Sir Hubert Opperman, these wire toeclips were light and inventive solutions. Soma recently produced their version of them- HERE.

A handlebar camera mount, I assumed for when not currently riding. GoPro currently makes a mount to attach a camera to your handlebars as well, but this is for when riding, to record your ride.

Rosa rim truer. Does any reader have experience with this tool?
Cyclo Rosa rim truer. Efficient and simple. I would love to try them out on some of the old Raleigh Tourist rims. Anyone use them before?
Cyclo Benelux tools for adjusting and setting up the cantankerous rear derailleur.
Now this is just a wacky design, I don't understand how the turning of the block face will give better braking power when the rubber is worn down? I have never seen on a bike, maybe that speaks to it's effectiveness.


Hal said...

King Cage has introduced a toe clip that seems to follow the spirit of the Oppy clips:

bikeville said...

thanks Hal, I forgot about seeing that!

Anonymous said...

it's not saying it will give better braking power... simply that the brake block will last longer. not sure that that's true either, mind you!