Friday, October 3, 2014

Columbia Sports Roadster

     Keeping in step with the New Departure posts, this is a pretty awesome bike we recently got in. it is a Columbia Sports Roadster model from the 1940's. It has the blacked out New Departure hubs and handle bars (war time effort) which look great against the original black paint. Ornate chain guard and cool painted and striped rims. The decals are in great shape (original). I really like American decals of this era, great color, design, and typography. Really nice survivor. My favorite part about this bike are the Pennsylvania lightweight tires. I wonder if they were made by Carlisle? This bike really looks like a Schwinn new World model  at a quick glance, but something about it is more appealing to my eye. Enjoy.

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Unknown said...

Wow, what a beauty!

Two weeks ago, I purchased a Columbia Sports Roadster in Philadelphia, identical to your's. It's in well preserved original condition as well. All the decals are in good shape. It has the black-out hubs and handlebars, a Pennsylvania light weight tire up front and a period Goodyear in the rear. The inner tubes are ancient with metal caps, but hold fifty pounds just fine. The serial number begins with a "G" for the 1940 production year. As well, I was told the seller bought it from the original owner who insisted he purchased it new and rode it in 1940. The saddle seat cover has been recently removed, but it appears to have been the same saddle as your's, a Mesinger.

Thanks for sharing your's so I could learn something about what I just bought!