Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Medici turned into awesome

from fellow bicycle collector and one time Philadelphia resident Nick-
"It was a Medici. I wanted to make a bike that reminded me of all the things I like about various oldies I've seen or had but a bike that felt a little less fragile and irreplaceable as my old bikes. I designed the paint scheme and Anthony Mezzatesta and I painted it together. He filled some bottle cage and brake bridge holes as well as drilled and tapped for the headbadge and the flip/twist open oil port on the back of the headtube. I filed down and tapered out all the lugs. The Campy chainring bolts had just enough material to be tapped to accept the Stronglight domed chainring bolts for aesthetics. I have to tighten the saddle support until it pulls the seat down like that otherwise when I sit on it the saddle support gets plays and rattles a crumb which drives me bonkers. It's a new Brooks titanium sprinter that I hacked and stitched. "

Notice the beautiful Toni Merkins style stem, also known as the limp d$&@ stem.

What an awesome rider.

Here is a photo of the bike before the renovation.


Anonymous said...

You ruined that bike.

Anonymous said...

yup, ruined.

Anonymous said...

So very yup.. ruined

Anonymous said...

that is turbs.